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August 2022 | V.1.1. (EN)


Dear user, we advise you to read carefully these Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms of Use”).

By using our website jti:campus (the “Website”), the user (“User” or “You”) agrees to these Terms of Use, updated August 2022. 

JTI-CAMPUS’s Privacy policy is an integral part of the present Terms of Use.

The website www.jti-campus.org is published by the association Reporters sans Frontières (known as “RSF” and, hereinafter referred as the “Publisher”). Its postal address is Reporters sans Frontières, CS 90247, 75083 Paris Cedex 02, France.

Reporters sans Frontières is known in English as Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

The Journalism Trust Initiative (known as “JTI”) is an initiative of RSF and is also an international standard (self-regulatory mechanism known as the JTI Standard) promoting trustworthy journalism and reliable sources of information. 

For additional details, please visit our websites: www.journalismtrustinitiative.org & www.jti-app.com 

The jti:campus is a collaborative effort by the JTI Campus Group, some of the world’s leading and most acclaimed journalism training centres and media development organisations. The aim is to support ethical journalism and a diverse, credible information space around the world.

For more information, see the 'About Campus Group' page. 

About all the legal information and notices of the Website, please refer to the ‘Legal notices’ page.

The Website is available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. In case of misunderstanding, please contact us via: www.jti-campus.org/helpdesk (help desk).

1. Purpose of the "jti-campus.org" Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern your navigation and your use of the Website www.jti-campus.org

2. Purpose of the "jti-campus.org" Website

The jti-campus.org Website is intended for media professionals.

Our proposition

The jti:campus is an online platform adjacent to the jti:app of the Journalism Trust Initiative team. It offers Users a space to seek and receive support, to exchange best practices and to excel in using the JTI Standard. More specifically it contains a directory providing building tools of capacities, a library of reference documents and a knowledge base, but also community features to facilitate access to peers, individual experts and a range of Service providers.

Services of the Website

The subsection ‘Market place’ is a searchable list of tailor-made courses, e-learning tools and in-house training to newsrooms of all types and sizes, offered by journalism training centres and media development organizations from all around the world. Besides, individual consultants and coaches are listed here to assist Media Outlets on their JTI journey. Last but not least, Users may find targeted funding offers, for example certification grants.

Another subsection, the ‘Knowledge Base', offers a variety of JTI-related examples and references linked to the JTI norm, sorted by the 18 JTI Standard clauses and searchable by keywords. It is an easy-to-use resource for inspiration and optimization with a focus on editorial guidelines.

All services provided by the Website will hereinafter be referred to as the “Services”.

3. Agreement to Terms of Use and content update

Agreement to Terms of Use 

By using the Website, you agree to these Terms of Use and Privacy policy. 

If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, then you must not use the Website and Services provided. 

To create a personal account, You will need to explicitly agree to these Terms of Use, Privacy policy and JTI Pledge (Declaration on Ethical and Professional Journalism), by clicking on “I have read and agree” when creating a personal online account (and for each new personal account requested).

Consequently, by opening your private account, you acknowledge and agree, without restrictions or reservations, these Terms of Use and also the processing of personal data to comply with the Privacy policy. And you agree to respect the Journalism Trust Initiative standards for a professional and ethic journalism: https://www.jti-app.com/footer/cwa 

Update of the Terms of Use

Reporters Without Borders reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change these Terms of Use, at any time, to comply with the development of any applicable law, regulation or governmental request, legal process or jurisprudential and technical needs.

This applicable version is the last online version available under the section Terms of Use.

In case of changes of these Terms of Use, the User will be informed.

Disagreement with update

If you do not agree with any modifications of the Terms of Use, You are free to stop using the Website and the Services, also we advise you to delete your personal account (by using ‘Deactivate’ your account in the ‘Account settings’ of your personal account). 

Your account will be inaccessible, however your personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Data”) will be retained in a dedicated RSF’s backup storage. You will still have the possibility to reactivate your personal account with a maximum delay of 3 years, although this option cannot be guaranteed by the Website, due to technical constraints or legal obligations. You can also delete permanently your personal account and remove all your personal data by contacting the Website and sending a written request to JTI’s Administrator via the help desk: www.jti-campus.org/helpdesk

Naturally, if you continue to use the Website after the update (without any personal account) or the notification (with a personal account) of the changes of Terms of Use, you agree with these Terms of Use’s update, without restrictions or reservations.

4. Terms of access of the Website

The Website is available to all natural (over the age of majority) or legal persons, solely responsible for complying with applicable French law.

Without any personal account

Access to the jti:campus is free of charge.

With a personal account "Campus" (creation requested)

To access the non-public content of the jti:campus, the Website may require you to open an account including setting up a login and a password, secure and confidential.

Open a personal account ‘Campus’ (and choose between individual journalist or coach or service provider) is free of charge. 

The main requested elements to create a personal account are, for the different type of accounts: title, first name, surname, a valid email address, postal address and country of residence, phone number and a secure password (as detailed in the Privacy policy).

Creating a personal account will request your consent and your acceptance of these Terms of Use, the Privacy policy, and also the JTI Pledge, otherwise your personal account will not be valid.

The User is informed by this reference that the email address used to create the personal account will also be used to receive technical notifications necessary for the operation of the Website.

This personal account ‘Campus’ do not give an access to the Services available on jti-app.com 

With a jti:app personal account

If you already have a personal account ‘Media Outlets’ or ‘Legal Entities’ on jti-app.com, you can use the same account to access the non-public content of the Website. It is technically not necessary to create a new account.

Please, note that the access of the Website and its Services is subject to compliance with the Terms of Use and the Privacy policy of the Website on which you are browsing.

5. General functioning of "jti-campus.org"

The general public has only access to the landing page of the jti:campus, including general information, a list of the partner organizations and contributors, as well as the help desk including a Frequently Asked Questions (known as “FAQ”) page and a contact form. 

All other pages and Services have a conditional access and require the creation of a personal account plus validation by the JTI’s Administrator or Service providers.

6. Your access via a personal account 

To fully access the jti:campus, Users need to register a personal account, due to most functionalities and content available only after additional validation. The registration is free of charge. 

Media Outlets and Legal Entities registered in the jti:app can use these existing credentials to log into the jti:campus without any further validation.

The User/account type ‘Individual Journalist’ can access the ‘Market Place’ and the ‘Knowledge Base’ after validation through a Service Provider. Typically, the Journalist would have previously attended some of their courses or training.

The User/account type ‘Coach’ can access the ‘Market Place’ and the 'Knowledge Base’ after validation through the JTI’s Administrator. This would also turn their profile visible for other Users, for example to be found by Media Outlets to collaborate with them. 

Before validation the account is labelled “invisible”. This means it is not listed in the directory and thus not visible for Media Outlets to find and reach out. However, Media Outlets can already connect directly by using your e-mail address that is affiliated with the account.

The User/account type ‘Service Provider’ is functional only after validation through the JTI’s Administrator on behalf of the JTI Campus Group who is responsible for vetting and granting access. After that, the Service Provider can access the 'Knowledge Base’ and the ‘Market place’ to post, edit and delete offers. Furthermore, they can also validate accounts of the type ‘Individual Journalist’ and flag them to the JTI’s Administrator in case of suspected misconduct.

Furthermore, all account types can submit content for the 'Knowledge Base’, which will be vetted and added by the JTI’s Administrator.

All accounts can be suspended by the JTI’s Administrator in case of misconduct or non compliance with these Terms of Use. 

For more information on the suspension procedure (or even deletion), please contact the JTI’s Administrator.

These accounts can be disabled by the User at any time. This means the profile and information linked to it will no longer be visible. The Data will still be kept at a dedicated RSF’s backup storage. This allows to reactivate the account later, within a maximum period of 3 years, although this option cannot be guaranteed by the Website, due to technical constraints or legal obligations. In order to permanently delete an account and remove all Data the JTI’s Administrator needs to be contacted, for example via the Help Desk: www.jti-campus.org/helpdesk

Due to technical reasons, a unique email address is necessary for each new personal account creation.

If any issues or additional information, please see the FAQ, located at: www.jti-campus.org/helpdesk

7. User guidelines 

By using the jti-campus.org, you must comply with the JTI’s User guidelines.

You acknowledge having the capacity to access to the Website and you assume total liability for your use of the Website.

User requirements and obligations

By using the Website, all Users agree to:

  • Comply to the Terms of Use and all applicable laws, rules and regulation, and respect the rights of third parties;
  • Not use the Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use;
  • Not interfere with or in any way disrupts the Website and JTI’s Services.

By using the Website, through a personal account, the User agrees to:

  • Comply to the Terms of Use, the Privacy policy, and the JTI Pledge;
  • Update the Data relative to the personal account (such as electronic address);
  • Update the Data relative to the services offers (modify or change the services offers, etc.); 
  • Update to Data relative to fundings offers; 
  • Update the Data relative to courses and trainings;   
  • Post a professional profile which is accurate and true (education, experience, professional skills, etc.);
  • Post service offers or, trainings or courses that comply with public order or morality, and respecting the rights of third parties into conformity of all applicable laws, rules and regulation;
  • Use a profile picture (not mandatory) on which you have the authorization or the property (picture file is limited to 1MB size and only JPEG or PNG format);
  • Offer contents (‘Knowledge Base’) which complies with journalistic ethics and applicable laws; 
  • Respect the confidentiality of the data of the Media Outlets contained in their reply to the JTI Standard questionnaire; 
  • Respect the integrity of the Media Outlets JTI Standard reply to the questionnaire when submitting any comments;
  • Do not fraudulently use any information contained in any JTI Standard questionnaire;
  • Promise that registration information submitted to the Website via a personal account is true, accurate and complete. 

Creating an account with false information is a violation of these Terms of Use;

  • Maintain the confidentiality of login and password;
  • Not post resume or commercial profile, or taking any action that implies an endorsement of some products or services; 
  • Not expose or communicate confidential information of a third party via the Website (text, picture or video) without their prior express consent; 
  • Not upload, share or make available to the public via the Website any content which is not expressly permitted (including any counterfeit, defamatory, infringing, insulting, obscene, indecent, discriminatory, violent acts, or inciting to xenophobic, racial, religious hatred or glorifying terrorism). Or any other which infringe applicable laws, rules and regulation, or basis of good manners and moral standards;
  • Not import or make available to the public via the Website any content which is in any manner not expressly permitted by these Terms of Use;
  • Not communicate or send via the Website any unauthorized link websites promoting illegal and offensive activities, not in accordance with JTI’s particular purpose;
  • Not use the Website to involve the transmission of unsolicited mass mailings (commercial or non-commercial). 

Violating one or several of those obligations may result in the suspension or, the termination of the account concerned, without prior notice or justification, with immediate effect, by the JTI’s Administrator. For any additional information regarding the procedure, please contact us. 

Warning and prohibited actions 

It has been agreed by User as follows:

  • All information available on the Website is Publisher’s property and is protected by intellectual property rights. In case of copyright infringement, infringer is solely responsible for any such action; 
  • All information available on the Website is expressly meant for User’s consultation, except Publisher’s prior (written) consent;
  • Total or partial use of the Website or its content, by any manner or through any medium, for commercial and advertising promotion, is prohibited and User is responsible in case of such an action;
  • Publisher grants to User a limited and personal license to access to the content;
  • Publisher grants to User a reproduction right limited to digital format via User’s device (laptop/tablet/mobile phone) to access, through an Internet browser, pages viewed;
  • Print is only authorized by private copy’s exception, and strictly reserved for the private use of the copier (complies with article L. 122-5 2° of the French intellectual property code);
  • It is strictly forbidden in particular to reproduce the marks, logos and acronyms of Reporters Without Borders (RSF or RWB), as well as of the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI), in any language whatsoever;
  • It is strictly forbidden to create deep hypertext links on any element of the Website, other than the page host, and to use or to extract all or part of the content of the Website, in any language whatsoever;
  • It is strictly forbidden to reproduce the trademarks, logos and acronyms of all the Service Providers present on the Website;
  • It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any content (such as the profile, image, offer, etc.) of another user account and the content of the 'Market Place' section present on the Website;
  • The User is solely responsible for the security and the confidentiality of the password chosen to access the personal account.

In case of unauthorized use of the account or password, or any breach of security, the User agrees to notify the Website immediately via: www.jti-campus.org/helpdesk ;

  • The French criminal code penalizes attacks on automated data processing systems. 

Violating one or several of those obligations may result in the suspension or, the termination of the account concerned, without prior notice or justification, with immediate effect, by the JTI’s Administrator. For any additional information regarding the procedure, please contact us. 

Dispute resolution

The User agrees to the following:

  • All User’s personal information to access to the Website (including email address or password) may be used by Courts;
  • All information relating to User’s action on the Website may be used by Courts;
  • All or part of information from the personal account is considered to be User’s liability, until proven otherwise;
  • Information or decision dates (generated or registered electronically) may be used by Courts.

Naturally, the User can provide any proof for his defense.

Consequently, to any failure to comply with these Terms of Use by all Users, it is reminded that the User will be liable for any loss or damage and could be sued by the Publisher.

By using the Website, the User acknowledges and agrees to receive any notification, message or all other information:

  • Via the personal account, and/or,
  • Via the contact details provided by the User when creating his account 

 (email address, phone number, postal address).

If these contact details are not accurate, the User acknowledges that some important notifications or technical informations could be not delivered, and create dysfunctionalities or damaged the quality of the Website. 

Consequently, the User agrees to inform any changes of contact details and modify these changes in the ‘Account settings’ section of the personal account.

8. Processing of personal data

In order to view the full processing of personal data guidelines used by the Website jti-campus.org, please see the Privacy policy.

Collection and storage of personal data

By entering the Website and Services, we collect (with the User’s consent) and process personal data such as:

  • ID data (name, email address);
  • Login data in order to administer and organize the security of the personal account (login, password);
  • Data relative to the communication with the Website (information request, chat history and backup, assistance);
  • Connection data (IP address, login);
  • Cookies and trackers.

We do not collect personal data without the User’s consent. Personal data will not be shared with or sold to any third parties.  

Personal data collected will be retained as long as necessary for the period of processing. Then, personal data will be definitively deleted by the Website.  

User’s Rights

Regarding collection and process of User’s personal data, RSF agree to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (known as “GDPR”) dated April 27, 2016 and the French Data Protection Act dated January 6, 1978. 

For any additional information or practical application of User’s rights regarding the process of personal data (right of access to, right of rectification or deletion of personal information…), please contact our team by email at the following address jti@rsf.org (note that you will have to attach a copy of a signed and valid identity document).

If the User, located in the European Union, believes that RSF have not been compliant with Data protection, the User may submit a claim by contacting local Data Protection Agency, you may find the contact details via its website: https://edpb.europa.eu/about-edpb/about-edpb/members_en  

For more information, You can contact the French Data Protection authority, the “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés” (known as the “CNIL”) via its website: https://www.cnil.fr/en/home 

9. Cookies and other trackers

The User is informed by entering the Website and accessing the Services, cookies and other tags will be set on the laptop/tablet/mobile phone used for.

Cookies are text files which are downloaded to the User’s device when the User visits a Website. Cookies allow the Website to recognize a User’s device and are designed to collect information about your browsing and provide you customized services based on User’s device (laptop/tablet/mobile phone). 

Please note that cookies cannot identify a User but only recognize the User’s device, by remembering the preferences and improving the User’s experience on the Website.

You can accept, refuse and delete cookies, or there are several options available for managing your cookies preferences when you access your personal account, at any time, located within Settings’ (language of your choice available).

For any additional details, please see the Privacy policy.

10. Limitation of Publisher’s Liability 

About the content on the Website

The Publisher, RSF, makes his best efforts to ensure accurate and updated information provided by the Website and Services, although some can be erroneous.

The Publisher does not warrant or assume any responsibility for accurate information contained on the Website.

By using the Website, the User is responsible for any breach of risk relative to non-accurate, incomplete or false information present on the Website.

However, this is a collaborative effort of the JTI Campus Group to support ethical journalism and a diverse, credible information space around the world. Each member and Service Provider is responsible for its respective offers. 

Nevertheless, the Publisher is not responsible for the information contained in the present Website and declines all responsibility resulting from negligence or otherwise concerning this information and regarding the hypertext links attached.

In case of Users' suspicious or illegal activity

If you believe that there is any illegal activity or offending content, please notify our team immediately, through the form available on the website: www.jti-campus.org/helpdesk

RSF will not be liable for any User’s acts or third parties’ acts on the Website.

About hyperlink and third party websites

The Website can include hyperlinks pointed to third party websites, such as Service provider websites, on which RSF do not have any control. RSF will not be liable for other third party websites content or content pointed by these other third party websites.

Hyperlinks pointed to third party websites cannot mean RSF agree in any way in their content. RSF will not be liable for any modification, or update of these third party websites. Similarly, RSF will not be liable for providing information from these third party websites, even less the dysfunctionality of them.

In case of technical issues and access problems 

Publisher does not warrant availability of the Website and Services. In case of any problems, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.

The Website provides the necessary means to the correct use and specially to maintain the continuity and the quality of the Services. The Services offered through the Site are provided “as is” to the User and accessible without absolute guarantee based on its availability and regularity.

In theory, the Website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, the Publisher will not be liable for temporary interruptions due to any reason, regardless of the duration or frequency, especially operating maintenance, technical issues caused by the nature of the internet provider’s network, or as a result of malicious acts or any breach of security interrupting the operation of the Website.

RSF will not be liable for any disruption of the internet network affecting the use or the access of the Website.

Also, the Publisher will not be liable for installation and operation of the terminals used by the User in order to access Services provided by the Website.

Furthermore, the data transfer rates and response time information circulating from the Website to the Internet are not guaranteed, they depend exclusively on Internet network quality and type of connection chosen by the User.

Consequently, Reporters Without Borders will not be liable to assume any indemnity concerning such damages which arises out of or is in any way connected with the use of Services.

11. Intellectual property rights

The Website www.jti-campus.org and all content (all available languages) are the exclusive property of Reporters Without Borders. All text, photographs, trademarks, logos and acronyms relative to the Website and its content, without exceptions or restrictions, are owned by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

All elements of the Website are protected by French law and intellectual property rights, means no content may be reproduced, copied, used without express prior written consent of Reporters Without Borders.

Publisher of jti-campus.org owns exclusive rights to use, to perform and display, and to reproduce any part of the Website. Consequently, any infringement of rights of the Publisher may result in appropriate legal action.  

While using the Website, the User may have access to a certain number of images representing peoples, who have exclusive and personal image rights. No part of these images may be reproduced without the written permission of the Publisher.

The present Terms of Use, Privacy policy, etc., are also the property of Reporters Without Borders. Any violation may expose infringers to infringement action, or trade and economic sanctions.   

Nothing in these Terms of Use intends any transfer of any intellectual property right, or to vest any intellectual property right with you, expressly or impliedly, in any other way.

12. Severability

In case any provision or part whatsoever of these Terms of Use is void or deemed to be unwritten, even partially, this will not affect the validity of the rest of the Terms of Use.

The User will remain bound by the other provisions of the Terms of Use, that he accepts by using this Website.

13. Waiver

The fact that Reporters Without Borders did not prevail at any given time of any of these Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver to later exercise their rights under these same Terms.  

14. Governing Law and Competent Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are subject to the French law.

All disputes will be exclusively governed by the French courts applying French law.

Both parties agree to settle amicably any dispute, before the commencement of Arbitration.

If the parties fail to reach an amicable settlement, the parties will submit the dispute to the competent French courts within the jurisdiction of the PARIS Court of Appeal, to which the parties attribute territorial jurisdiction, regardless of the place of performance of the Website or the domicile of the defendant.


Each person visiting the Website is prohibited from reproducing or copying all or part of the Website and no content (such as articles, logos, structure, Terms of Use, etc.), otherwise it may result in appropriate legal action.