Building public health literacy through our community media platforms

A step-by-step E3J online learning resource on how to build effective public health programmes in community media

Welcome to this online learning platform, which is brought to you by the community media partners Community Media Forum Europe and COMMIT, working within the E3J to strengthen Public Health programming and Media and Information Literacy in community media.

Four European countries took part in this project component: Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and Spain, where community media were invited to apply for a production grant.

Eight European community radio stations won an E3J production grant, to unfold the programming ideas shared in their proposals, inviting them to take part in a workshop and a final conference. The documentation of this work by the eight stations and as presented in the four workshops, is included as examples in this resource.

The objective of this resource is to broaden the reach to many more community media or other smaller media, interested in support to developing a public health programme series. It can naturally also be used as a source for individual self-study.

By following the five modules, you will – step-by-step – be able to develop your programme identity and objective as well as a practical plan for going on air with it.

Are you a community station, one way of making effective use of this resource would be to work your way through the five modules collectively, in your editorial or thematic group, putting public health and healthy lives on the agenda.

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